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On a trip with my family to visit my uncle and cousin on their family farm, my uncle mentioned that there should be a better way to clean a PTO shaft. A dirty PTO shaft is difficult to connect and something I had always struggled with, so as soon as we got back home from our visit, I went to work.

I understood the need for such a tool and I had an idea for the design. I have patented several different brushes and tools for cleaning the PTO shaft, but this one is the best. Like all great tools throughout life, it’s cost effective, durable, simple, and easy to use. We hope that by purchasing this patented product from Brandon Hafner, your life will be just a little bit easier.

Quick and easy to use

The PTO Shaft & Coupler tool combines simplistic engineering with functional design to provide excellent results. This new tool makes the tedious and time consuming task of cleaning the shafts and couplers on your tractors as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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