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The Vision

On a trip with my family to visit with my uncle and cousin on their family farm, my uncle who'd worked on a farm his whole life, mentioned that there should be a better way to clean a PTO shaft. He went on saying that dirty PTO shaft is difficult to connect. This was something I had always struggled with so as soon as we got back home from our visit, I went to work.

About the Tool

I understood the need for such a tool and I had an idea for the design. I have patented several different brushes and tools for cleaning the PTO shaft, but this one is the best. Like all great tools throughout life, it’s cost effective, durable, simple, and easy to use. We hope that by purchasing this patented product from us, your life will be just a little bit easier.

Purchase Information

We are really happy to be bringing this product to market. The patent is in place and production has begun. We have several options for purchasing The PTO Shaft Cleaning Tool. Individuals can make a single purchase on Amazon and we also provide bulk rates for larger companies and businesses looking to stock their shelves with this great tool. Click the link below for Sales Information.

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